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FoneTrans: Copy Songs from iPad to iTunes

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We all know that excellent devices can work even better with the right software to support it. Like iPad, both top level hard and software configurations, make it is almost impossible to say no to it. And like most Apple fan will suggest you to do, use iTunes to support this outstanding device. If you like music, it is more important for you to manage iTunes and learn an easy method to help you transfer music from iPad to iTunes. You may wonder why you need to learn such method, because handling iTunes is one of the easiest things in the world like no any kind of challenge you will meet. But you should not forget that when you use iTunes to export data, of course, quite simple process, however, when you plan to go other direction, and transfer data from other devices to iTunes, things will be not as easy as you thought. Even the other devices is running iOS operation system, you still have chances to meet some problems that cannot be easily solved.

Why Need FoneTrans to Copy iPad Music to iTunes?

That's why learn this easy method is important. Nobody want to embarrassing himself after showing off in front of his girlfriend by saying “hey baby, check my iPad and all this music, don't you want them in your iTunes?” and only found he doesn't how to do it at all.

Let this article help you, when you finished learning this method, you can show off in front anyone you like. And don't worry; This method is not like some other things you may find in the Internet that claim to be helpful but only turn out almost impossible to learn by ordinary people.

The next steps will show you how you can master this method.

Step 1: Download and install FoneTrans on your computer

FoneTrans is third party data transfer software as the key point of this method, if you don't have it install on your Windows PC or Mac, please download and install this software first.

Latest versions of FoneTrans are ready for both Windows and Mac systems, even the latest devices in the market can work smoothly with software.

Step 2: Connect your iPad to PC

You will need USB cable to connect your iPad to computer, and also need to wait a while to let the software scan the contents of your iPad before it display this device on its operation interface.

FoneTrans guarantees its users no personal information will be used in an illegal way, or provide to other parties. Every piece of data of its users' will be perfectly protected.

Step 3: Data Selection

You can click the Media option to enter the operation interface for it. At the right side you can select music you would like to transfer to ITunes.

Step 4: Transfer data from iPad to iTunes

You need to create a media folder in your computer to store music that transferred from iPad.
Make sure of that, and you can start the transfer process. It won't take long time to finish.

See, that's why you cannot miss this method, it is not only easy but also fast and save!

This post was last modified on June 7, 2017 7:49 am

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