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How to Create Playlist & Organize iPhone Playlist

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There are a whole world of music wait you to listen. And thanks to the modern technologies, we can enjoy music in so many devices, for example, in your iPhone. It is hard to deny that iPhone is a wonderful device for people like music, with the help of iTunes; listening music is much easier. But it doesn't mean people will not face troubles when they use iPhone to deal with the playlists in their iPhone. People can create a new playlist by using iTunes without meeting any challenges. What if under some circumstances that you want to create or organize your playlist without using iTunes. This article will provide you the perfect methods to help you to achieve that.

Part 1: Build iPhone playlist and enlarge music library.

To build playlist on iPhone won't be hard to do; the first step is to find the Music icon on your iPhone, after iPhone opening the operation menu, the playlist icon can be easily found. Sometimes you can try to click “More” option which normally will bring you the icon you were looking.

After clicking Playlist option, there should be more options for you to choose to; the one named “Add Playlist” will help you to create playlist. You can rename your playlist as you prefer but do remember to save what you have changed. And all songs under this playlist should list in alphabetical order. Now if you want to enlarge your music library, find a little + on the operation interface, by clicking it, you are able to add music to your just created iPhone playlist. Maybe add one by one takes too much time, there is an option allows you add all songs entirely to the playlist, you can use this function to add all music at one time in one click.

When the process is finished, don't forget to click “Done” button.

Part 2: How to manage your iPhone playlist with iTunes

I think for most of people, transfer iPhone playlist to iTunes won't be too difficult to handle, basically people just need to use the sync function. And to delete music is working in the same way. More narrowly, if you want to remove playlist from iTunes, first thing need to do is select the playlist you would like to delete and then click the delete button. If you would like to delete playlist on your iPhone, after choosing the playlist, you should slide from left to right and then press the Delete button.

If you intend to do more complicate operation, like edit your playlist, this part is going to tell you how to do it.

First, as usual, you need to find the icon for Music and then click the playlist option. After that, you can select the playlist you want to edit, and what does edit your playlist means? If you can see the three options display on the top of the interface, which are Edit, Clear and Delete, that's what you allow to do when you are editing your playlist. You can choose what to do base on your requirements. But be careful when you using the Clear function, because it will clear all songs in your playlist.

To adjust the positions of songs in your playlist just need you to find the little grey icon with 3 bars in the right side of each song, after choosing it, you can easily drag this song to the anywhere in the playlist.

Of course, after finishing all the editing operation, you must remember to click Done button, otherwise, everything has been done will be in vain.

Now I think we already talked enough about basic operations concerning iPhone playlist, the following part of this article will bring you something brilliant.

You cannot make sure every time you want to manage your iPhone playlist, your iTunes will be supporting you. It is very useful to learn some skills that allow you manage playlist in iPhone without the support of iTunes. Why not just keep reading?

Part 3: Manage iPhone playlist without using iTunes.

Yes, don't be surprised by this title, you can easily do it by downloading one third party software – FoneTrans or FoneTrans for Mac.

1. Let's learn how to use this software by the following parts of this article.

Step 1: Download and launch third party software on your Windows PC or Mac.

This software's name is FoneTrans, you can choose to download the suitable versions for you since both Windows and iOS versions are available for all users.

The instructions to install this software should be very easy to understand, so won't take too long to launch this software on your Widows PC or Mac. Then you can see the interface of this software, on the right side, you can see the software ask you to connect your iDevices via USB cable to start, which means, you can move to the next step.

Step 2: Use USB cable to connect your iPhone to computer.

The software will detect your iPhone first before it displays this device with some basic information in its interface. If you check the screenshot below, you will find the software will show data like Phone Type, Capacity, Version and serial number. And right under iPhone picture, there are three buttons with different functions. You can find more this software is capable of after using it for a while.

2. How to create a new playlist on your iPhone?

Look at the left side of the interface; click the playlist button to enter the interface to handle your playlist. Then you should right click Playlist and choose New Playlist after saw the pop up options. Then you can create a new playlist.


  • 1. If you choose a playlist on the left side and right click it, you can edit this playlist or add new one to it.
  • 2. Click into the playlist and then click Add icon so that you can enlarge your music library.

  • 3. By clicking Export, you are able to transfer music from playlist to other devices or to iTunes.
  • 4. Try right clicking the songs in your playlist to find more fun.
  • 5. Every operation happens through FoneTrans won't need to repeat it on your iPhone. But please make sure the connection between your iPhone and computer keep working during the whole process. Also don't forget saving your editions to the playlist.

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