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How to Import Videos to iPad Air 2 / iPad Air Effortlessly

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You may not like to take an iPad with you and shoot videos all the time, but it is much comfortable to watch videos on iPad because the bigger screen. Of course, iPad Air can offer more than only bigger screen, its 64-bit A7 chip and M7 motion co-processor can easily provide the users the best watching experience. With the help of software like iTunes, people can transfer videos to this device whenever they want. But sometimes iTunes might not work as well as we want it, and iTunes seems failed to solve the problem of converting different formats. You might need to find other effective methods to help you finish data transfer which you would like to be done in a very short time so that there will be more time to do other important and creative things. As for the different formats, you really need those videos be converted into some formats supported by your iPad Air. Otherwise, it will consume your extra time and energy to deal with this format issue.

To sum up the requirements, what we need is something work fast and easy-to-use with the function that can help people automatically covert formats. Don't worry, there is no need to start searching the Internet to find such handy software, because the next part of this article is all about how to use this software – iPad Air Transfer to transfer video files to iPad Air. And you shall see how easy and simple it works.

Now, let's start the introduction of the iPad Air videos transferring operation procedure.

Step 1: Download and launch the iPad Air Transfer on your computer

Users can choose to download iPad Air Transfer Windows or Mac versions, both versions are working in similar procedure, please just choose the suitable one for you and follow the instructions to launch it on your computer. You will see its primary interface which separates into two main parts, the left side is the list of functions while the right side is the operation interface for its users. Also on the top side, it has more detail options to use. And you can see it is not hard to figure out to click which button to do what.

Step 2: Connect your iPad Air to your computer.

Use your USB cable to connect your iPad Air to computer and make sure the connection won’t break during the data transfer process. After your iPad Air display in the interface, you may go to check the left side to find the Media button and click it. And then, go to the right side and click the Add button. You can easily preview what videos you have at the right side of the interface and carefully select videos you would like to transfer to your iPad Air.

Step 3: Transfer videos to iPad Air

There are not many things you need to do in this step, basically you just need to wait for the software finishing its job. And again, no need to worry about the format, the software will take care of this issue and you just have fun!

This post was last modified on June 7, 2017 7:47 am

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