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The Process of Transferring files from LG to iPhone 6/6S (Plus)/SE Directly

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If you are an old LG user and get a new iPhone 6S recently, you must find it annoy to transfer contacts from LG device to iPhone 6S. You cannot use the SIM card to transfer the contacts since the two device holds different size of SIM cards. In other hand, you can use some social accounts such as Google Mail to upload all the contacts on your LG device and then sync the contents on the account with your iPhone 6S. But this process takes too many times and efforts and there are some potential security concerns as well.

Feel upset about trying to transfer photos from your LG device to your new iPhone 6S too? Of course, you can get the photos out of your LG phone and export them to your computer. But sometimes, the photos extract from the device are incompatible with iPhone 6S which means you may meet some problems when you get the photos to iPhone.

I'm sure you want to take a more effective measure to handle the data transferring problem between your LG and iPhone device. Then seat tight and watch us show you the most convenient method in the following part of this article.

To complete this mission successfully, you need some help from a powerful third-party LG to iPhone 6S Data Transfer tool named as FoneCopy. It allows you to transfer data between two smart phones with one simple click. When it comes to transfer contacts, this program enables you to transfer not only contact number, but also more contacts details including company's name, email address from your LG to your iPhone 6S. In addition, the contacts preserved in iCloud and Gmail can be transferred to your iOS device like iPad and iPhone with ease. Cut the chase, go on with the instruction with us.

Step 1.Get FoneCopy downloaded and installed

To begin with, get FoneCopy downloaded and installed on your computer. After installation, launch this tool.

Step 2. Connect both the devices to your computer.

Use two USB cables to connect both your LG and iPhone 6 to the computer. Then you will see your LG device appearing on the left side as the source device while iPhone on the right side as the target device. There is a Flip icon in the middle of the two device which is used to change the place of the two devices.

Note: If you want to wipe out your iPhone before the transfer. You can check the option “Remove the chosen data on Target Device before copy”. Thus, your iPhone will be totally clean. If you want to transfer contacts on the account, ensure that you have logged in.

Step 3. Confirm your devices

Step 4. Select wanted contacts on LG to transfer to iPhone 6S

Select Contacts in the contents and hit the button Start to Copy. Then the program will start the transfer process automatically. If you want to stop the process, you can hit the Cancel button anytime.

Note: Remember to keep your LG and iPhone 6S connected during the whole transferring process.

This post was last modified on June 7, 2017 6:37 am

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