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How to Move Music from a Dead iPod to a Functional iPod

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I encounter a very troublesome problem. In short, my iPod is dead and there is still a lot of music stuck in the dead iPod. However, I didn't backup my iPod to my computer before that. I get a new functional iPod now, can you tell me if there is anyway to transfer the music in the broken iPod to the new one? For your information, my dead iPod cannot even convert ON when it is linked to the computer or power source. I certainly cannot afford losing all the music in the old iPod. So could you please show me the solution to this problem?

Many iPod users have experienced this situation. The numerous songs in the dead iPod mean a lot to you since they were accumulated over the years. So it becomes necessary to get the music back.

You may even want to try to download the music all over again. But some of the songs are hard to discover and be downloaded so this becomes a little tricky. In addition, you may not be able to purchase all the songs from Apple shops. If that is the case, then it is necessary to transfer the songs from the dead iPod to the new iPod Touch. We will show you how to do that in the following part of this article.

The most crucial part about solving this problem is a professional a powerful iPod transfer tool. The tool we are going to recommend to you today is FoneCopy. It is a one-in-all transfer app that enables you to easily transfer music from dead iPod to another iPod. Just a few clicks, the transferring process can be easily done. Also, there is another tool named FoneLab which helps you to recover the songs in your dead iPod.

The working principle of this tool is that it can scan and go deep into the storage space of your iPod and extract music files. Even dead iPod, the files are still somewhere in the device. Therefore, the program allows you to extract the useful files and thus you can transfer the files to other iPod.

Step 1. Get FoneCopy downloaded and installed on your computer

First of all, download the program on your computer and then double click it to get the installation done.

Step 2. Use USB cables to connect both your iPods to the computer

Use two USB cables to connect your broken iPod and new bought iPod to the computer at the same time. The music in the broken iPod can be transferred with the help of FoneCopy only if your dead iPod can be recognized by your computer.

Step 3. Initiate the transferring process from dead iPod to new iPod

Both the iPods will be recognized by FoneCopy when they are connected successfully. You are able to see the one iPod showing in the source place while other one in the target place. You can click the flip button in the middle to exchange the places of the two devices. Click the button Start to Copy and the transferring process will initiate automatically.

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