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Tips & Tricks

  • Transfer Data to iPhone

How to Transfer Data from Dead iPhone 5 to iPhone 6/6S/6 Plus/SE

Imagine your old iPhone 5 is dead and doesn't turn on ever again and you get a brand new iPhone…

  • Transfer Data to iPhone

The Process of Transferring files from LG to iPhone 6/6S (Plus)/SE Directly

If you are an old LG user and get a new iPhone 6S recently, you must find it annoy to…

  • Transfer Data to iPhone

3 Methods to Sync Photos from Android Device to iPhone (iOS 9 Supported)

As the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, Apple formally embraces the bigger size screen market. With that…

  • Transfer Data to iPod

How to Move Music from a Dead iPod to a Functional iPod

I encounter a very troublesome problem. In short, my iPod is dead and there is still a lot of music…

  • Transfer Data to Computer

How to Sync iPhone 6 Music with PC, Transfer Songs from iPhone 6 to Computer

People usually add songs to their iPhone 6 when they come into the songs they are fancy about. So as…

  • Transfer Data to iPad

How to Sync Music with iPad from Your Computer

When you hear the music you like, you often download it on your computer so that you can enjoy them…