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How to Transfer Contacts between Two Android Devices

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How to Transfer Android Contacts to New Android Phone With Ease?

There are more and more excellent Android devices developed and released. You can get the Android devices including the HTC, Samsung, Huawei and so on. All the Android devices mentioned above have been keeping innovating themselves to the latest science and technology. There are also many users of iOS devices switching into Android devices. Thus, you can see, the Android devices are getting more and more important in the world market.

If you want to change a new Android device, or if you have just switched to a new Android device, the first thing you want to do is to copy all the files from the old Android device to your new one. If you search on the Internet, you will find many relative tutorials with ease. And most of the tutorials will tell you to create a backup files on your old Android device first or something like that, and then restore the backup files to your new Android device. Of course, it is good idea. At least, it can solve the problem. And here you can see two handy ways chosen from the search results.

Way 1. Transfer the contacts from Android to Android with the help of Gmail

The Gmail is a nice tool for storing the files on the Cloud service offered by the Google. Among the file types allowed, you can easily find the contacts. Thus, you can first sync the contacts on the old Android device wanted to the Gmail account. And then you can restore the contacts to your new Android device without hassle. Below here is a step-by-step guide for your reference:

Step 1. On your old Android device, go to the “Settings” > “Accounts” > “Google” > “Contacts”. And then tap on the “Sync Now” button to start the syncing process on your old Android device. This will help you import the contacts you want from your old Android device to your Gmail account.

Step 2. On your new Android device, log in the same Gmail account on the “Accounts & Sync” option. Then the contacts you imported to your Gmail account will be exported to your new Android device automatically. But please note that all the existing contacts on your new Android device will be covered by the new imported ones.

Way 2. Transfer the contacts from Android to Android with the help of a SD card

You can choose this way if both of your Android devices allows you to insert a SD card to them. And then you can make your SD card a transmit point of the contacts. Detailed guide offered below:

Step 1. Insert a SD card to your old Android device. Then go to the “Contacts” app on it. Tap on the “Menu” button and then choose the “Import/Export” and then “Export to storage”. Finally, choose the SD card as the location of the contacts you want to export. All the contacts will be stored in the format of vCard File (VCF).

Step 2. Then eject the SD card from your old Android device and then insert it into your new Android device. Then you can easily get access to all the contacts stored on the SD card. You can also move the contacts from your SD card to the internal memory of your new Android device.

However, it is really a performance to use a transmit point, because that means you need to transfer the contacts twice. If you are wondering whether there is a direct way, you must read on this article, since you will find the way you want.

Way 3. Transfer the contacts directly from Android to Android

To transfer the contacts directly from one Android device to another, you need a third party tool to help you. I highly recommend the FoneCopy, also called the Phone Transfer. It is a professional tool for transferring contacts directly between two devices, including the Android devices and iOS devices. So there are four modes in total. Besides the contacts, you can also transfer the audios and photos with this tool. This tool offers the backup function too. If you want to create a backup file, you can also turn to it.

Here is the detailed guide to use FoneCopy (Phone Transfer) on your Windows computer:

Step 1. Download and install

Download this tool on your Windows computer. And then install it following the installation wizard. After that, you can simply double click on the start icon of this tool on the desktop to launch it.

Step 2. Connect your Android devices

With two suitable USB cables, connect your Android devices to your computer. Once you plug in the USB cables, the FoneCopy will soon detect your Android devices and then show you the screenshots of them on the primary window. Pay attention to the positions of the screenshots, and make sure they are located right. Or you can click on the “Switch” button to change them.

Step 3. Choose the “Contacts” item

On the middle, you can see three items available, including Contacts, Photos, Media. You can choose them all if you like. In this time, I will choose the “Contacts” item only.

Step 4. Choose to delete the existing contacts

Under the screenshot of your new Android device, you can find an option of “Remove the chosen data on target device before copy”. It is an optional option, you can choose it if you want.

Step 5. Start the contacts transferring from Android to Android

Click on the “Start to copy” button in the lower middle. And the FoneCopy will help you fulfill your goal without hassle.

Well, is it easy? If you like this way, why not give it a shot? I think you will be content with it.

This post was last modified on June 7, 2017 6:35 am

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